Feel confident about

the future of your business

We start by listening.

We are transition experts

Transitions are our sweet spot. We take time to learn the business, establishing a committed partnership. We’re focused on making transitions seamless and easy, following a tried and true playbook to keep operations running smoothly.

We close deals

As a family office with committed capital, we have the ability to close 100% of the deals we pursue. We’re respectful of your time as we move through the transaction process, taking relationships seriously and following through on our word. 

We get down to business

We understand the nitty-gritty of running small businesses. With over thirty years of tackling problems of all size and subject matter, we don’t shy away from the hard stuff. As owners and operators, we roll up our sleeves and get things done.

Is your company a fit?

We invest in companies that energize us and add value to the world. Whether mission-driven, intellectually stimulating, essential service or just plain fun, we want to work with companies that energize us.
NTransact business-to-business
NPoised for growth

NEBITDA between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000

NOwner is seeking an exit

It’s more than a transaction.

We protect your legacy

We invest in well-run businesses where the founder’s legacy serves as a platform for the future. We pride ourselves in upholding the business’s reputation as well as the person who founded it.

we take care of people

With “people are paramount” being one of our guiding principles, we place great emphasis on the personal aspect of the transition. We create as little disruption as possible, sharing a clear path forward.

We support growth

We take businesses positioned for success to the next level. We pair the company with a first class operator-entrepreneur, providing shared services, tools and support to ensure a smooth transition and immediate progress.

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