There’s nothing more rewarding than

Running your own company

Be in business for yourself,
not by yourself

we’re in it together

What we believe about operating small companies:

NGreat operators should focus their time, energy, and resources on running companies, not searching for them
NOwning and operating a small business is one of the most rewarding and the most challenging things that you can do
NSuccess rates and enjoyment are higher when working with value-add partners
NPartnership economics can be structured in a number of different ways, we collaborate to find the right answer

Operating at a
higher level

What partnering with
elmore companies
looks like


Immediate access to a SMB toolkit built from 30 years of real world experience.

Buying a small business can be daunting, and driving success is no small task. We bring to the table over 30 years of experience along with the right tools to move your company forward, faster. We provide day-to-day guidance to move quickly and decisively.


We provide patient, flexible capital to support your company’s growth in the face of inevitable challenges, surprises, and setbacks.

Staying on a sustainable growth path is challenging, especially when there will inevitably be setbacks. We bring patient, supportive, value-add partnerships and capital to help your business grow in the face of challenge. We understand what it takes to grow and scale, giving you a realistic margin for error.


Hands on partners and a growing shared service team to build the scale and professionalism your competitors can’t.

You’re looking for the right support-services to provide your company a competitive advantage and the functions that enable scale and professionalism – that can be hard to afford. We’re building a high-performance support team for all operators and their companies to use fractionally, or as needed, to grow.


A community of operators building great companies, together.

Leading a small company can be lonely, which is why we believe our community of operators is powerful and rewarding. A community of leaders who are friends, who you can bounce ideas off, vent to, and celebrate with. We believe the entrepreneurial journey is better together.


We invest in your personal and professional development to help you grow throughout your journey.

Career development doesn’t have to stop once you become a small business operator. We investment in development options along your path, offering access to coaching, leadership training and new opportunities.

Join our team

Great operators should focus their time, energy and resources on running companies, not searching for them.

If you are passionate about running a small business, we’d love to get to know you. We pair CEO’s with businesses during the diligence phase, providing holistic support and attractive, aligned economics. We’re believers that it starts with people and relationships, and the rest follows.



Get to know us and join our network.


You’re paired with a company as we begin the diligence process.




We work side-by-side with you.


The company becomes your own.


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