Elmore Companies

    304 W Kirkwood
    Bloomington, IN 47404

    Phone – 812.337.3176

    About Elmore Companies

    The Elmore Companies,  is a Bloomington, Indiana based private equity investment firm focused on acquiring, building, and holding smaller, lower-middle market companies for the long-term.  As a family office without limited partners, we have more flexibility in regards to deal structure, and have no need for an exit instead choosing to manage and reinvest in our companies.  We typically invest in business-to-business, niche service and manufacturing companies with revenues of at least $3 million.  Over the last fifteen years, we completed ten primary acquisitions into new markets and over fifteen add-on acquisitions.  During this time, we invested over $30 million and raised over $15 million of capital from the private debt and equity markets.

    As most of its acquired companies are smaller in size, Elmore Companies’ deals are usually intentionally overlooked by other private equity firms because these firms do not want to deal with, nor do they have the experience navigating many of the possible risks inherent in purchases of this size—founder transition, client concentration, small management team, little technology and marketing, etc.  We invest in companies where owners may want to exit or stay with the company, but ultimately desire to ally with a partner that will pull-up alongside them and play an active and hands-on roll in taking the company to the next level.

    As such, Elmore Companies works closely with the acquired company’s management to understand the company’s business and markets.  In addition to performing extensive business, legal, and accounting due diligence prior to the transaction, Elmore Companies enters every deal with detailed and mutually agreed upon three-year business plan that sets forth the performance objective of each portfolio company.  The principals seek, hire, and mentor the acquired entity’s president and provide ongoing support in the areas of corporate finance, operational improvements, acquisitions and long-term strategic planning.

    Our companies span the travel, software, publishing, manufacturing, food, technology, medical, professional sports, and staffing industries.  We have owned and managed in a broad range of industries, confronted many issues, experienced complete economic cycles and, as a result, have learned the importance that persistence, planning, and patience plays in achieving operating and financial objectives and building great companies over time.

    We do not manage our businesses from afar.  Rather, we take an active role in creating long-term value.  We believe that the process of successful company building is a marathon, not a sprint, and is oftentimes less complicated than one might think if a company can find the right mix of ownership and leadership, process and strategy, and growth and frugality.  As such, we seek to craft a solid, experienced management team that can provide strong day-to-day company-level leadership and then support that team in the areas of corporate finance, long-term strategic planning, and acquisitions.  Success yields profits, and profits allow us to invest in our companies and acquire new ones.