Company Summary

Cornerstone is a technology company helping more than 450 travel management companies, corporate travel departments, and online travel agencies work more efficiently and more profitably.

From the creation through the execution and analysis of a travel reservation we deliver technologies that proactively manage the most complex and time-intensive aspects of the reservation and information management processes.

Over the years, Cornerstone has helped airlines, travel-management companies and corporate travel departments dramatically improve the management of travel costs through technology-based solutions.

2011 – Released C3, a new corporate data and information management product designed specifically for the corporate direct market.  C3 combines Cornerstone technology and consulting services with the OneScore™ and Data Confidence Index™ applications that incorporate the methodology produced by Ruesink Consulting Group.

2010 – Released new application platform, Travets™, that is designed to help travel management companies to better manage their travel procurement and operational objectives.

2009 – Expanded the iBank platform to include the ability to integrate with the leading carbon calculation firms in order to analyze the impact of travel programs on the environment

2008 – Released Policy Compliance Manager, a web based application that enables the traveler to make the best decision and allows the travel manager to step in to control travel spend prior to the money being spent.

2007 – Launched  iBank Analytics an easy-to-use tool that transforms data into insight by combining the power of iBank Travel Data Warehouse with an intuitive analytics engine.

2006—Launched Professional Services division in order to provide customers with fully customized, end-to-end solutions that increase the value and functionality of their Cornerstone products.

2005—Introduced the Cornerstone System and iQCX as fully hosted solutions for travel management companies, corporate travel departments and airlines. The new system handles reservation management, document delivery and reporting in a fully hosted environment.

2004—Introduced Audit 4, AutoTicket 4 and iBank 4. Each application includes the flexibility and open architecture that enables the user to acquire and utilize Cornerstone technology without having to modify their existing business processes. Consumers begin to demand that technology companies provide multiple options for acquiring and utilizing their solutions.

2003—Created Implementation and Consulting Group to provide consulting services focused on technology utilization and business process management.

2002—Formed Cornerstone UK, LLC, to better serve a rapidly expanding international customer base.

2001—Introduced Audit and RateDesk to provide data management and fare processing solutions to the airline community. Acquisition of Lanyon products resulted in the addition of 40+ new airlines to Cornerstone’s customer base.
2000—Acquired largest competitor, Automated Travel Systems, and expanded capability to provide travel technology solutions to companies, regardless of their global distribution system affiliation.

1999—Acquired New Media Solutions and introduced iBank, the first fully web-based, real-time data consolidation and reporting solution.

1993—Developed and marketed the first Windows-based quality control system for the Apollo computer reservation system.

1992—Cornerstone was founded by Mat Orrego with the primary purpose of developing technology for travel agencies subscribing to the Apollo global distribution system.